More than a dance performance, Humans of Ataxia was a surprise, a beautiful one!

Do you think that studying biochemistry or physiotherapy keeps you too busy to fulfill a creative hobby?  Well, this is not necessarily the case. On the 10th and 11th of May, Humans of Ataxia- a group of medical students have shown that medicine and art can be a combination. The students changed their medical clothes on comfortable shoes and delighted the audience on songs from Ed Sheeran to Hozier, or from Single Ladies to Bollywood.

It was more than a performance, it was a story, a lot of stories tied by one passion: dancing. Each ‘human of Ataxia’ had their solo, meaning that during one minute, a screen showed a short film, where students introduced themselves and told what stands behind their skills for dance. Afterwards, they went on the stage and had their solo which varied from hip-hop, to modern dance or ballet. Some of the solos had a funny story in the background, like an improvised choreography while having fun and drinks with friends. The time between solos was perfect for group performance.

The language of dance is universal and I feel that they have succeeded in proving this. Coming from not only different cities from Netherlands, but also different countries outside it, like: Greece, Italy or even India, who wouldn’t enjoy the diversity?

Do you think that dancing is a women’s activity? Well, that is definitely not what I thought during the two minutes that the only male ‘human of Ataxia’ managed to show different parts of India through his dancing skills.  His Bollywood show was moment worth of “wow-s” and feverish applauses. His flexibility made it sometimes hard to even follow, however the coherence of his moves revealed his love and feeling for the Indian dance.

If the solos were good, then the group dances were at least as good. The moments were flawlessly organized and even details like the clothing were well thought out. Girls were provocatively dressed when performing Single Ladies or wearing baggy t-shirts in squares with bandannas on their heads when dancing something closer to hip-hop.

All in all, it was certainly a worth going performance and if they put as much passion in medicine as they put in dance, then I definitely see some successful doctors!

By Mihaela Braebin

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