Places in Groningen V: Anat

Anat, named after the owner, works upon a clear vision; respect for humans, animals and the environment is key. Anat is fully plantbased, but not just for vegans. Rather it is for everyone who wants to eat healthy or try a plantbased meal and see how good it can be.

A lunchcafe in an old, characteristic (painted in a very nice colour) building right at the Noorderplantsoen. The outside has 4 seatings for you to sit down in the sun. Inside, it has two floors, and is very cozy. Both floors and the terrace have a lovely view of the park and the water. You walk by the kitchen to go upstairs, where there are four tables. There is no music, but the atmosphere is still great. Whether you just want to read a book and just sit for a while, or whether you want to catch up with your friends during lunchtime, this place is truly recommended. I always leave feeling happier and more relaxed, and of course feeling satisfied of all the good food! Anat offers local and organic food, which to be honest does show in the price. It is not very studentbudget-friendly, but then again it is still not expensive for what you get! Everything truly tastes great and the menu changes weekly and is suited to the season.  A favourite is the mixed plate (I hate choosing something – so this is the best way to eat something of everything!), but the lavender cake is also great. I am not into slowjuices, but apparently they also have really nice ones. Knowing everything is vegan, healthy and made of local, organic products makes the experience better and hopefully shows people you do not need animal products every meal to have good food. To me, it is important and valueable that Groningen has fully vegan lunchcafes/restaurants and I feel this is something to be proud of. as a city

Downstairs at the counter Anat sells various items, such as vegan cookbooks, teas and supplements.
There are also (cooking/baking) workshops done in Anat.
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