Usva Tips III

1. Weekend With Wes

Grand Theatre, together with Dit Moet Je Cinema, presents ‘Weekend with Wes’, which is a two day event in which you can see your favourite Wes Anderson films on a big screen. Films of the American Oscar winning film director have a very unique style, great visuals, loads of humour and absurd story lines. With our personal favourite films The Grand Budapest Hotel on Sunday & Moonrise Kingdom on Saturday.

When: 29 & 30 April
Where: Grand Theatre
Price: online pre-sale: €7,50/film, at the door: €9,-/film
More info:

2. Usva Jam Sessions

Do you like jamming and are you looking for a place to make music with other students? Then stop by at the (new) Usva jam sessions! The Usva Houseband will kick off the evening with a few songs and will lead the session.There’s also room for improvising, so feel free to join or just to stop by if you love music!

When: 24 April / 29 May
Where: Usva
Price: Free

3. Illustratie 57: Llama Lands, + HACHE + The Bees
In the yearly festive expositionparty of the Minerva, art students will show what they can do. In one of Vera’s rooms there will be an opening of an exposition of new work of Minerva students. This will also be accompanied by a party with music! The band Llama Lands, solo-artist HACHE and the Bees, a group of musical Minerva teachers will perform live.

When: 29 April, 23.00-04.00
Where: Vera
Price: Free
More info:

4. Orkater/de Nieuwkomers; Rumspringa [Dutch]

Rumspringa is het debuut van Iona Daniel en Rineke Roosenboom als Nieuwkomers bij Orkater. Ze slaan de handen ineen met de eigenzinnige rockband Shaking Godspeed en vertellen in deze rock-opera hun verzonnen waargebeurde verhaal over het opgroeien in een sekte.

Wanneer: 30 Mei 20.15-21.45
Waar: Staddschouwburg
Price: 15 euro (10 voor studenten)
Meer info:
Facebook event

5. Fair Fashion Festival Groningen

Fair Fashion Festival returns to Groningen for the second time! You might know this event as it is organised all over the country. The aim of this festival is to give attention to fair trade fashion. The organisers believe that fair trade fashion is an important step towards a better world for people and the environment. We invite you to discover how fashionable fair trade fashion is! With workshops and more. A great way to know more about sustainable shopping after all the vintage kilo sales and vintage markets that have been organised in Groningen in the last few months.

When: May 13, 13.00-18.00
Where: Het Paleis
Price: free
More info:

Other tips
>> Where to eat? De Pastafabriek is quite a cosy and sociable place to eat where the prices fit the pockets of the students. What I like the most is the pleasant and easy-going atmosphere where students come to have a break and relax after a busy day at university. The pizza and pasta are delicious, but before going out, try the cheesecake. It’s the best!
>> If you are ever in Groningen Zuid, between the Leonard Springerlaan and the Zuiderbegraafplaats along the Hereweg, you will see a 1200 meter long sewer pipe that looks like it has been doodled upon. This is the work of artist Eva Stalinski, who shows in a arty, happy way the importance of sewers and how they work. Have a look if you are close!
>> The Drents Museum has invited Groningen’s Academie Minerva to exhibit its students’ work at KINK from 16 April to 25 June 2017. Under the title, ‘Work in Progress II: the Sequel’, students taking a Master’s degree in Painting or MADtech at the Frank Mohr Institute will show off their work in an exhibition that is constantly changing. The students will more or less take shifts exhibiting their work, thus creating an exhibition that is never actually finalised until it leaves the exhibition room. Event here. Entrance is free.
>> Looking for a new series on Netflix you can binge watch? We love Girlboss, which is about a girl with a passion for fashion and a drive to make this her business. It has been added 21 april and is definitely a must watch!

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