Places in Groningen V: Edanz

Ceramic classes in the spiritual community Edanz

In de Korreweg neighborhood awaits a place full of wonders with mindful and art activities. In September 2016, Edanz opened its doors and ever since flourished. Its peaceful yet dynamic atmosphere attracted many people from different backgrounds: students, people in their mid 40s, families etc.

Last Thursday, we of Usva Magazine tested one of the classes for you: Ceramics. We enjoyed it a lot. There was music, a big atelier, a friendly British teacher, lots and lots of clay and heaps of things to do. HEAVEN.

The ceramic classes offer a very wide variety of techniques: making mugs or bowls from scratch, boxes, molds, sculptures. There you can also learn the magic of firing ceramics, glazing or else using engobes.  The classes for beginners every Thursday from 19:30 till 22:00 and cost only 7.50 euros (which I find a very good price for the things you will be learning there).

Also if you are interested in the Edanz art activities they will be having an open day on the 11th of March. So feel free to join.


Please join Art@EdanZ on Facebook for further information :

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