Film Tips I: Valentine’s Day Edition

In this blog category we describe the best (or most interesting..) films we have recently seen. To fit the time of the year, the following films are worth-watching on Valentine’s Day (and also on other random day of the year really).

1. My Blind Brother
A film about two brothers falling for the same woman, one of which blind. A great cast with Jenny Slate, Adam Scott, Nick Kroll and Zoe Kazan. A nice, comedic dramady which is perfect to watch with your boyfriend.


2. It Had To Be You
This movie is about a 30 year old woman getting a marriage proposal by her long-term boyfriend, for which she feels is not ready yet. A romantic comedy that is cute, real and reletable. Sometimes it tried to be too cutesy or too clever, but overall it was great. The lead character (Cristin Milioti as Sonia) was an excellent pick and I liked the couple chemistry.


3. Southside With You
A movie about the first date of Barack Obama (Parker Sawyers) and Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) in 1989. An intellectual, political and also charming, positive, romantic film.


4. La La Land
Ofcourse this romantic musical, the most talked about film of the last few weeks,  cannot be missed in this article. I think everybody has already seen it – but really Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to watch it again. It has Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, great music, cute scenes, amazing costume design and frankly deserves all the praise it gets.

5. Loving
Based on a true story, this film is about Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple fighting for their right to live as a family. A beautiful, gentle film that tells an important story. Great actor picks for the lead characters.


6. The Choice is about two neighbours in a small town who end up falling in love, having to overcome some hurdles on the road. The Choice ticks all the Nicholas Sparks boxes and you can therefore expect loads of sappy, cheesy but oh so enjoyable romantic moments and you should also get your tissues ready for the uninventable sad scenes. Sometimes predictability is all you need, especially in romance films, and therefore this one is very Valentine’s day worthy.

Of course there is also the option of visiting the cinema to watch Fifty Shades Darker, which I personally would not recommend. Even I, the queen of guilty pleasures, finds this one to be boring in all aspects – from the non-existing story, to the characters and to the ‘racy’ scenes. But hey, all I can say is each to their own, as I have heard that there are definitely fans of this movie – even in the Usva building itself 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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