Usva Tips II

The Usva Tips series will give you information about what is happening in Groningen when it comes to cultural events.

1. The Grown Men
The ‘Grown Men’ are back with a fully improvised show called ‘The Flight’. Join Jelle Bonnema, Chad Bullock and Thomas Mook as they portray all of the passengers aboard flight KA 550 in a desperate attempt to survive cramped seats, violent stewardesses and, of course, each other.
Also, during this night, the Martinus Brewery will take over the Usva bar, so expect a lot of Martinus speciality beers and nice tunes bij CCC soundsystem!

When: February 10, 21.00-22.30
Where: Usva, Munnekeholm 10, Groningen
Price: 7 euro
More info:

2. Stukafest
An interesting cultural festival that takes place in various student rooms across the city center of Groningen. Music, poetry, literature, art, lectures, music, theatre, film.. It has everything you need to unwind from the exams and deadlines stress and have a wonderful evening. After three intimate concerts, the party continues in Vera.

When: February 16, 20.30-03.00
Where: various student rooms in Groningen, after party in Vera
Price: 15.00 for all rounds & the after party
More info:

3. Preipop
The 11th edition of a small, free music festival, showcasing talent from the Netherlands and Groningen in particular. There is no set genre, which makes it all the more fun, as you can see jazz and singer-songwriter music as well as rock bands.

When: 9 & 10 February
Where: Cleopatra, Groningen
Price: free
More info:

4. GST – Woyzeck

The Groninger Studenten Toneel (Groningen Student Theater) is performing a piece on the story of Woyzeck. It is a dramatic piece about Franz who takes the courage to take control over his life again and thereby causing huge consequences.  According to GST, it is a “poetic piece, with live music, paintings, 21 pallets, a horse and a lot of kiwi’s”. Sounds good to us! And knowing the reputation about GST and their work, we are definitely looking forward to it.

When: 22-25 February
Where: Usva theatre
Price: students 7 euro, non-students 9 euro
More info:

5. Flicks Film Festival
Flicks is a short film festival that stems from the Cultural Student Centre Usva in Groningen and gives national and international student filmmakers the opportunity to participate in a challenging and fun initiative.
The committee organising it has selected the best out of 550 movies and they will be screened at the festival in March 2017. There is no specific theme for the films. During the festival there will be a jury to select the best film overall. The aim is to make students aware of what other students can achieve through film. The short films offer an opportunity to view the world from a different perspective, based on other cultural backgrounds. The unique part of Flicks International Student Short Film Festival is that it is a cultural event that is organized by and for international students.

When: 15-17 March
Where: Usva
Price: information about prices will soon follow
More info:

Other tips
>> Until 19 February there is an interesting exhibition called “Filler” in SIGN with four artists reflecting on popular culture. This is free.
>> Go watch La La Land  asap if you’re one of the few who haven’t yet 😉
>> We are also interested in the film ‘Het Doet Zo Zeer’, a Dutch film about dementia, which had the highest score from the public of the International Film Festival. You can watch it in the Groninger Forum.

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