My Eurosonic experience [at Usva]

Eurosonic is an annual four-day music festival held in January in Groningen, Netherlands. Its main purpose is promoting new voices and acts into the big music industry. However, after attending this festival for two days, I realized that to the same extent it aims to interchange cultures and connect people from all around the world through the beauty of music.

As a personal experience and being an international student studying in Groningen, Eurosonic was totally a worth-remembering experience.
The music played during this festival was the opposite from mainstream, with an abundance of mixed genres- pop, folk, electronic, acoustic, indie etc. and personalized styles that were far above the rule. What I mostly appreciated was the dedication and passion with which the singers performed. Although they were very friendly with the public, always making small conversations between songs, they were still absorbed by the moment and enjoyed every single part of it.

Also opposite from the mainstream was the public, which was diverse by every single aspect: age, gender, profession, culture, even music preferences. It was a combination of high-school and university students, to people in their 30s or even after 50s. Some of them came from a busy day at school and others from an equally busy day from work, but all of them had an amazing evening dancing or singing together with the artists.

As I said, Eurosonic connects cultures and also exchanges languages. I remember the outstanding Swiss-German band: Faber whose performance was one of the most dynamic and left the people simply without breath. The band sung almost all songs in German, and even though I don’t understand German at all, I still enjoyed the moment to its fullest. I think that during this band’s performance the public was the most engaged. This was partly because the songs were very energetic- a mixture of pop, folk and punk but also partly because there were a lot of Germans among the public and people had no trouble singing together with the artists. Moreover, the main singer of the band kept introducing songs or making funny remarks not only in German, but also in Italian and French. In this way, he managed to feel closer to more people from the audience, even myself as I understand both Italian and French.

Lastly, Eurosonic definitely gathers together people with diverse and opposite music tastes. Although I would have never considered going to a dark blues performance, that was one of the best performances I have ever attended. The Belgian band- Echo Beatty had such a unique style of performing, I could describe it as hypnotic and ambiguous. This was emphasized even by the different instruments they had, which I have never encountered before. The artists were so compelled in the moment that I remember at one point the voice singer together with the guitarist just turned with their back to the crowd facing the drummer and them smiling to each other, enjoying what seemed to me they love the most: music.

All in all, if the purpose of Eurosonic was to make known young talents they absolutely accomplished it, as a lot of the people there, including myself, went home afterwards and started following the artist’s updates on YouTube!



By Mihaela Breabin
Photos by the Usva mediateam

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