On 12th 13th and 14th of January at the side of the official Eurosonic festival stands Euromoney, a three day long unofficial after party residing at one of Groningen’s most vivid alternative spots. The event is co-hosted by underground music venue De Gym and nightclub OOST. “– Facebook description of the events.

Held in the former William Louis Gymnasium on Oosterstraat 13a, the building was transformed in four concert spaces and bars were built from scratch. In its spirit of genuinely alternative place, De Gym and the people running it set course in building a “Ferrari Bar”. A red room with a huge drawing of a black prancing horse – the Ferrari car logo-  filled with 80’s posters, a dream car of every kid… of the past generation.

I volunteered to work as a bartender. The stage being right in front of me created even a more fun experience. After I learned to make the two cocktails of the house and was ready for the night, the venue turned out to be beyond my expectations.

For 5 euro, the entrance fee, to be able to see 13 bands (in the first day) was a pretty good deal, and people loved it. The stages were full for most of the night, and keep in mind that everything lasted till 6:00am. The event was organized in a way that bands wouldn’t play in different stages simultaneously but one after another, a concert lasting about 40 minutes.

Each event came with a specific genre of music. The first being focused mostly on rock and punk, the second on electronic and the third on DJ-ing and other different live acts.

A list of the line ups can be found below.

– Firestone

– Charlie & the lesbians

– Lewsberg



– traumahelikopter

– The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip

– Lookapony

– Korfbal

– Cocaine Piss

– The Homesick

– Iguana Death Cult


– ohslo

– Promise Keeper

– Dollkraut (DJ set)


– Fetter

– Magic Island

– Hantrax

– Better Person

– Torus

– Long-Sam

– Svartvit



– Alan Bolumar and Felix Schiffman

– Special guest..

– Red Light Radio Showcase with

Orpheu The Wizard & Suzanne Kraft B2B All Night

– Lisa Lotion + MU


– Sun Shy Boy

– Dusty

– Victim Victim

– Elias El Gersma

– Karel

– G.O.D.

– Gerard Herman

– Bart ‘sloow’ de paepe

– Bokrijk

– Zachte Man & DJ Frend

One of the bands I wanted to see the most was Ohslo, a creative duo that focuses on electronic music, creating soundscapes with great vocals and synth rhythms. This show was impressive because of it scene decoration. The performance was on the OOST stage, the room being pitch black but the scene was covered with white fabric. Also quite notably this was the only concert where people sat down to listen to it… probably because the singers were sitting too.

Another highlight for me was in the first day of Euromoney where Leusberg played. I particularly liked it because of its mix with old school rock&roll and the energy of punk. They put up a great show and the whole room was filled, this being only the beginning of the night.

Those were my all night favourites. Although the fun was to see as many bands as you could, most of my time was spent behind the Ferrari Bar talking with concert goers, singers and serving drinks.

What to expect next year

Well, things tend to change rapidly in 2017. From gentrification to change of the public’s taste, everything will bring some changes to Oosterstraat.  As the organisers put it in their description of the last day event “Come enjoy a three day’s worth of enhanced experience and get your Euromoney’s worth cause it’s the last chance you’ve got before cha cha cha changes.

I hope the changes will be in a good way.

 By Radu Hainaru
Note: Photo Credits: Tom van Huisstede & Marloes

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