Places in Groningen III: de Graanrepubliek

Places in Groningen : Literair Café de Graanrepubliek

De Graanrepubliek was born from the idea of 3 friends to have a café dedicated to cultural and social activities. Ever since, the two floors building located in the Gedempte Kattendiep flourished with books, games and jazz music. There are also expositions, films, book presentations among others. A few weeks ago the café celebrated its 1st year anniversary.

The vibe:

What I find particularly fascinating about this place is the amount of books covering the walls, from the ground all the way to the ceiling.  During the day a very peaceful vibe rules the space: some people playing chess and others enjoying a cup of coffee while reading. However, passed 6pm the place starts buzzing and various instruments begin to whisper.

Jazz’s Fridays:

Every Friday, De Graanrepubliek organizes Jazz concerts live (free entree) and welcomes young artists to perform on the 2nd floor. For instance, on the 27th of January a special tribute to Miles Davis will be made. Therefore if you are into Jazz please feel free to join.

Drinks and food:

De Graanrepubliek does not offer food, or any sorts of snacks however you are very welcome to bring your own. Also, the variety of drinks is quite wide and the quality and prices are very satisfying.

To summarize, as a person that grew up with music in the house I found De Graanrepubliek very homely like and recommend it to Jazz amateurs as well as to everybody else.


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