Announcement: Eurosonic Noorderslag!

Only a couple days left till the kick off of the annual Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in Groningen.

For many years, Eurosonic Noorderslag has been an important platform for the performance of European music and an opportunity for many acts to break through: amongst others artists like Ásgeir, Hozier, Royal Blood and Dotan have used this opportunity. During Eurosonic Noorderslag, traditionally a couple of awards will be given away to emphasize the success within the music industry. Some of these were EBBA (European Border Breakers Awards), the Buma Music Meets Tech Awards, and the European Festival Awards. The success and publicity this festival has gained over the years is obvious when analyzing last year’s numbers: with 42.100 visitors in total one may speak of a quite large extent.


This year’s line-up seems pretty promising at the first sight. One can start Wednesday at 9 a.m. with a workshop hosted by I.TURN.IT and learn about lighting and music. At night of you will enjoy several great and promising performances! USVA will host several performances Thursday night, starting at 20:00. Amongst others you will see Birthh and Faber, the “most promising” newcomer from Swiss according to experts.

Start your Friday morning with the Advantage Austria Breakfast and test your knowledge about energy at the EngergiePubQuiz at the Engergiecafé. Are you as green as you think you are? Friday night you can again visit USVA, but you can also visit Huis de Beurs and judge yourself the recommended First Breath After Coma, a melancholic post-rock band from Portugal.


Although the activities listed above require a ticket (and thus payment…), Eurosonic also organizes some budget-concerned events! On Thursday and Friday the Eursonic Noorderslag presents the Eurosonic Air at the Grote Markt, which is free accessible! You can enjoy several European acts while having a drink. Live radio also will be broadcasted at the Grote Markt every night! You can visit the store (De Winkel) and see the DJs and producers while listening to live sessions. Also fun are the coffee & music performances hosted by Plato (Ouder Ebbingestraat 41), hosting daytime-in-store performances. If you have no ticket and cannot join the Energie Quiz, visit Summerlabb and extent your knowledge about the newest developments in sustainability organized by research institutes, polytechnic universities and sustainability companies.


As mentioned above, the festival is divided in a conference during which many workshops and group seminars are hosted, while at night talented musicians will find the opportunity to give live performances in front of a wide variety of people amongst which professionals. Tickets can be purchased separately.

Concerts will be held in amongst others the Aa-church, Huize Maas and the Grand Theatre. The festival will start this Wednesday the 11th and ends the 14th of January.


You can purchase tickets through the website:

For the Festival:

For the Conference:


By Cécile Reinkingh

Cover photo

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