None of the successful stories started at the 1st of January!

Are you one of the millions of people who made a New Year’s Resolution list of things you are going to change this year? The 1st of January may sound perfect for a new you, but is it really that successful?

Many people set themselves goals every year with no results and the same resolutions over and over again. There are some typical new year’s resolutions which you can read all over your social media channels or notice them within your circle of friends at the 1st of January.

The typical New Year’s Resolution for students:

“I want to start studying on time.”

“I want to drink less alcohol this year.”

“I want to see as many adventurous places as possible (even if I don’t have money).”

“I want to go to the gym every week.”

“I want to eat healthy this year.”

Did you already notice people giving up on their resolutions?

I wrote a new year’s resolution list every single year. I noticed that the goals were still the same at the end of the year. And why? Because I did not accomplish them and did not believe in myself. To be honest I also didn’t want it enough. I set myself to high goals which I could never reach and I did not change my attitude and behavior. I just changed for the first few weeks and thought that would be enough. This is a human behavior. We do something and just forget about it or stop it because we are lazy and easy to distract.

This year I said to myself: “Being happy has nothing to do with goals and reaching them. I mean goals are always good, but if you want to have a change in your life, live your change and be someone new.”


Do not set big goals – change your identity

The successful people do not set big goals and wrote declarations about their accomplishment. The people who really want to change something just do it. They change their identity and after a few months it is not their goal they reached, it is who they became – their new identity. To change something people have to live their new identity without setting goals.

If you just set yourself the goal of losing 10 kilos, you probably reach the goal, but what happens after? Do you follow your old lifestyle again? Stop setting goals, just change your identity and be happy with who you are. “I am going to make healthy food decisions to have a longer and happier life.” If you are going to live after your new lifestyle, it becomes more than just a new habit, it becomes your new lifestyle.


Tips to change your habits:

  1. You can also change small habits in your life, you do not need an enormous change. Keep it small and to the minimum.
  1. Do not wait for the 1st of January, the upcoming Monday or the perfect day, just wake up and change! There is no perfect day for changing a habit. It all depends on you.
  1. Think positive! Always think that you are able to do it. If you allow yourself to have negative thoughts, you are more likely to fail.
  1. Surround yourself with people who accept you the way you are, but also help you to change your bad habit. The people around you are as important as your own belief.
  1. If you fail, do not give up. You have to figure out what went wrong. If you truly believe in yourself, you are able to accomplish whatever you want to. Most important: Try again!

Many people have trouble reaching their goals and new habits, but that is totally normal. We all fail sometimes. You can turn your negative thoughts in positive ones. “I do not feel fit and strong at the moment, but if I start now I could be in shape in summer.” Always have your goal in mind and you will succeed.


Love yourself and do whatever makes you happy. Life is about enjoyment and making memories with great people. If you feel like a change, do it! You have to feel the change and identify with it. If you do, nothing will be in your way.

The successful people woke up one day and wanted to turn their bad habits into good habits.

As you can see one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day or even your whole life.

By Alica Olsson

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