O-Swap Winter Edition 2016 at Usva

Friday the 6th of December a new edition of USVA O-Swap took place – an initiative of the Executive Board and Green Office Groningen that has started in 2014. Of course I decided to go there and take a look in Groningen’s united wardrobe.

As soon as I walked in it became clear this edition of the O-Swap again appeared to be a great success, it was really crowded and the containers of clothing (ordered by gender and style) were loaded with all different kinds of clothing. With the DJ and live piano entertaining the crowd, it reminded much of some sort of fancy opening. At the shoe section, I walked in to two of the fashion advisers who were invited especially for the event. They were very enthusiastic about the event and were enjoying the wide variety of clothing styles they received. A little later I got to talk to Caro – one of the committee members who organised this edition – for a while. She was quite busy since there were such many clothes, but she was really enjoying the event. She even told me people were already were waiting in front of the door before the event started at 17:00; the committee was really happy with the overall success. There was also a nice wintery lentil, coconut & ginger soup by the Herbivoor – a vegan restaurant/salad bar. Eating this while listening to the lecture by Sander Wear about sustainable and vegan clothing made for a nice break from all the swapping! Another plus is that all the leftover clothes at the end of the evening goes to charity. I myself was quite surprised with the big turnout. Hopefully the summer edition (which will be hosted on the 26th of May 2017) will be an equal success!


Some tips from experienced O-Swappers:

  • Put on an outfit that makes for easy to change in & out of clothes, because sometimes the changing rooms are crowded!
  • Bring some cash for the food and your own (linen)bag.
  • Take breaks in between the swapping, this makes the experience much more fun!
  • Don’t expect all the clothes to be there at 17.00, the clothes come in batches so take your time.
  • If really hate crowded spaces, try to come later on in the evening, there is still a lot of (newly brought) clothes then and there are usually less people.
  • Bring nice clothes that you would like your own friends to wear, if everybody brings in nice quality clothes it will be so much more fun!


DSCF5495 (2).JPG



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