Usva Course Presentations

In the cold second week of December, Usva was opened again in the evenings to showcase what people have learned during their 10-week course at Usva. And despite the cold, the audience sure showed up!

On Monday the 5th of December, we got to enjoy the last presentation of the Jazzcombo course with some pepernoten in our hand. A piano, two singers, two saxophone players, a drummer, one bass-guitar player and two electric guitar players all showed us in six songs what they have learned together as a group. The first song was a little chaotic, also due to a technical issue, but by the end of the song and until the end of the evening the quality was very high. Everybody flowed well together and it certainly did not feel like they played together as a group for only 10 weeks! Especially the female singer was very good and her voice was fitting to the genre of jazz-music. The improvisations, based on the melody of the song, were also nice and gave all of the players a chance to shine on their own.


Improv Comedy
There were four groups of Improv Comedy, two beginner groups and two advanced groups and all evenings were either completely sold out or packed! And that is with good reason, because if you want to have a fun evening with some good laughs, the improv comedy course presentations are not something to be missed. Under the lead of two founding members of the famous English improv comedy group Strangers Things Have Happened, those that had followed the courses all learned how to create and put up a full improv comedy show. In the beginners groups, the presentation was largely done by the teachers, and in the advanced group the whole show was done by the course members. The show consisted of various rounds with ‘games’, each giving the audience a role by giving words. Some rounds were of course funnier than others, but all were very well done. It was a very funny night indeed, and we were impressed by the high quality of the show and how good the improvisations were.

Also, the course presentation of musical choir was very enjoyable with a good story and varied song choices. There were also course presentations of acting class and singing solo together.

So you know what to do; keep an eye on our agenda and next time there are Usva course presentations, go and have a fun evening and enjoy the nice atmosphere and surprisingly high quality of what you are seeing! And, of course, enjoy the cheap specialty beers at the bar as well 😉


Photos by the Usva mediateam

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