Jonge Harten makes you fancy more performances

Jonge Harten approached the international and the Dutch audience in the Netherlands with breath-taking performances. Theater lovers had the opportunity to see some creative talents on stage. The theater festival was from the 18th until the 26th of November. It was already the third year, with the goal to reach international people as well as Dutch people. Everyone loves theater performances and making new friends from different places and Jonge Harten made it possible to combine the love for theater and the interest of fore-gathering with others. The events took place inside all the amazing theater places in Groningen. So of course, I was eager to go there and check some events out!


The Great Theatre was one of the great locations for the festival.

The international promotion team organized all kind of events to make people aware of the Jonge Harten festival and of the performing arts. For example, the escape room was designed by the team to create some exciting riddles related to the theater performances. You all know what an escape room is right? You are entrapped in a room and you get riddles which you have to solve to get out of the mystery room. Well of course they let you out even if you can not solve it on time. I did the escape room and I can say it was great fun. It was really gripping and I loved to learn more about all the theater performances.

What is home for you?
Since we live in an international city with many different cultures and people, a talk about home sounds suitable for Groningen. Every country has different association and understanding of the term home. Yinka Kuitenbrouwer interviewed 100 people from various environments for her performance “HonderdHuizen” which means “One hundred houses”. What is home for you? Many people live abroad and know what it means to have more than one home. But what is home anyway? Can you have more than one home? All these questions came up during the interviews not just from the interviewer itself, also from the people who asked themselves these questions.


For many people the surrounding is important, the people who are around them and who make them happy.  Other people connect home with the opportunity to grow or to have a house and a garden. The differences of the term home are enormous. Yinka knew all the answers from the men and women by heart. It was not just a normal talk it was a great way to give other people the opportunity to learn from others and think about themselves. After the performance I went home and thought about it. One answer stayed in my head for a long time: “If you lived somewhere for 7 years your cells are all renewed. So you are basically from that place now. So why don’t call that place one home? You can have more than place to call home!”

…That is home for me.

Home is not just one word or has one meaning. Everyone has their own definition. It can be a negative or a positive word. Some people have one home others have more than one. For some people home is where their families are and on the other side some see home when they are in the country even without their beloved families. It doesn’t matter what others say as long as you are happy.

Eerily beautiful and compelling story
Another noteworthy performance was “Bedtime Stories” from Thomas Dudkiewitz. The story is about a young girl called Lilly and her family. Bedtime Stories creates an atmosphere which make you disappear into another world. The use of the surround sound is perfectly used within the story. Every situation has their own audio. The sound of trees in a forest, a scary audio in the background or a spooky ghost voice, he combines his own voice with eerily beautiful sounds. The performance gives you goose bumps all over your body while you have the feeling to be a part of the story itself. The change of Thomas’ voice was incredible. He changed his voice in a second and gave the vibe of many storytellers. Really impressive and a great performance.


There were many more amazing performances, but I could not attend all of them and you would have been probably asleep by now. The Jonge Harten festival showed me that Netflix is always a good idea, but not if you can have a real life theater performance with such a great atmosphere. You may not have been here for this, that is a sad fact, but not the end of the world. The Jonge Harten festival will glow with fantastic artists next year as well and I can promise you it is worth every euro. Next year the festival takes place from the 17th until the 25th of November 2017. You should think twice if Netflix can cope with a real life theater performance.

By Alica Olsson 

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