Roos Blufpand combines music and sustainability

Meeting with a Dutch singer combined with tips on how to Go Green.

Do you know what the term sustainability means?

Sustainability is about protecting the environment and improving the quality of life in ways which enhance the earth’s life support system. Everyone can work towards sustainability and help to fight against the process of destroying the world, climate change and global warming.

What does music and saving the planet have in common?

Roos Blufpand, a Dutch singer songwriter, had a small concert for students from the Hanze Hogeschool in Groningen to inspire them with her music and to spread awareness concerning sustainability. The singer writes her own songs about life, love and inspirational topics. For her it is more important to tell a story rather than singing about a dishonest world. She doesn’t want to tell a lie, her songs are honest and written by heart. The unique part of her music is combining the genres pop and theater. Since Roos’s first album release in May 2014 she and her band recorded a second one. The second album in 2015 is 98 % sustainably produced. Furthermore, Roos and the band staged two tours within the Netherlands. Right now Roos and her band are on tour through the Netherlands.

Even though, music and sustainability don’t seem to have a big connection, there are many consensuses and similarities. Doesn’t the combination of music and the passion for the sustainable lifestyle sounds appealing to you? Help to do something for the world and listen to music? Roos stated in an interview that it is really important for her to make green life choices and to use it in her life as a singer. Roos Blufpand: “Our children and the next generations will live on this earth. Therefore, fighting for a better world is necessary and will help everyone and also the planet.” Combing music and raising awareness can help to spread the message and give people like you and me the inspiration to be a part of this great and important project.


Being sustainable is also possible in the music industry. The singer and her band use green transportation for the tour and they consume vegetarian food and sustainable ingredients. Of course they make use of light saving bulbs and sustainable outfits. Roos has been a vegetarian for almost ten years. She also inspired her band to forget about meat and start enjoying the delicate vegetarian kitchen. This woman has inspired her band already! What about you? Do you want to get inspired and take a step towards the green lifestyle?

Many people believe that they can not change anything as a single person, but that is not true. There are a few tips below how you can live more sustainable and help the planet.

Top 5 Sustainability Tips for Students:

  1. Save energy – Helps to save money as well: Unplug appliances or use “smart” power strip, use drying rack and put your thermostat a few degrees lower and cuddle in a blanket.
  2. Healthy, fresh, local food: Go to the market and buy delicious food. You can save money, cook healthy meals and help the world.
  3. Grow something in your kitchen/garden: Start with herbs or vegetables. It is handy and you are proud of your own growth.
  4. Keep electronics out of the trash: Donate or recycle them responsible when the time comes.
  5. Ditch the plastic: Try to skip plastic as best as possible or do you want to see how sea turtles or many other animals will be a dying breed. Also, skip the plastic bottled water and buy the cool Dutch water bottles.


Maybe next time you watch a movie with a cute polar bear on an ice floe you think about turning off your lights, buying local food or showering five instead of ten minutes. We are all part of this world and together we can save the world.

Every single step starts with yourself! – Save the planet!

The last Polar Bear
A polar bear managed to get on one of the last ice floes floating in the Arctic sea. Due to global warming the natural environment of the polar bear in the Arctic has changed a lot. The Arctic sea has much less ice than it had some years ago.

By Alica Olsson

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