Usva Tips I

Every two months, the Usva Tips series will give you information about what cultural events are happening in Groningen.

1. Let’s Gro

From 9-12 November 2016, Let’s Gro is in Groningen again with its fourth edition. All over the city, especially in the city center, various events and activities will be held about ‘the Groningen of tomorrow’ and the challenges but especially the opportunities for the city’s future. Having been to the previous two editions, we can truly say it is very inspiring to visit Let’s Gro and that it offers something for everybody in the varied program. Interactive light installations, workshops, exhibitions, dancing in the grand theatre, tours of the city hall, discussions and debates or swapping your stuff.. the list goes on & on! Get inspired by new, upcoming Groninger projects or expand your knowledge on, for example, sustainability, urban development and mobility. There are Dutch and English events, clearly marked on their website.

When: 9-12 November
Where: differs
Price: differs, most are free of charge
More info:

2. World Press Photo Groningen

World Press Photo is in Groningen again, as it is one of the hundred cities where this exposition will be shown. Through photography, it gives an insight into people’s daily life and to recent events happening all over the world, focusing on various cultures. Next to the exposition, there will also be a side programme focused on more in-depth subjects related to photography.

When: 18 November – 11 December
Where: Synagoge Groningen, Folkingestraat 60
Price: 7 euro, 5 euro for students
More info:

3. Jonge Harten Festival

A nine-day theatre festival in all of Groningen’s big theatres, attracting 10.000 visitors per year. This year, the overall theme is #offthebeatentrack, about not being afraid to go your own way. Theatre performances by talented young performers, film, art, (live) music, and dance, you do not want to miss it! Including special international programme.

When: 18-26 November
Where: differs, the Oosterpoort, Stadschouwburg & Grand Theatre are main locations
Price: differs per event, a special  daycard’ is 15 euro if you are under 30
More info:

4. Usva course presentations

The Usva course presentations are coming up again! The course members will be showing off what they have learned and worked on in the 10 weeks of their chosen course. If you are interested in one of our courses, this is a great opportunity to look at what the courses entail exactly. Of course, it is also for those interested in, for example, musical choir, comedy or acting and that want to have a great night! English events will be clearly marked.

When: 5-12 December
Where: Differs
Price: Differs (some presentations are free of charge, some require a small entrance fee)
More info:

5. We, People in Transition exhibition

There are still a few days left to visit this exhibition of Kenniscentrum Kunst & Samenleving that shows a selection of six projects from the last four years of Image in Context. An inspiring exhibition that captures places and people in transition and shows how art could possibly contribute to socio-cultural processes of change. Artists taking part are, amongst others, Ahmet Polat, Andrea Stultiens, Herman van Hoogdalem en Eleni Kamma.

When:  28 October – 9 November
Where: Platform Minerva
Price: Free
More info:

Other tips
>> Watch the National Geographic documentary Before the flood, by Leonardo DiCaprio. A very real and inspiring documentary about climate change and how powerful parties can still control people’s views to make them believe climate change is not happening. above all, it stresses how we need to wake up and do something. Gives a good overview for people who do not have a lot of knowledge on the sustainability topic, but even for those who do it is still a powerful documentary to watch. You can watch it of free on the YouTube channel of National Geographic.
>> A film screening of the French movie ‘Tomorrow’ by YFM Groningen, Green Office Groningen and the Groninger Gulden, including a discussion afterwards, showing sustainable initiatives within five themes. November 11, at the Groninger Forum, free of charge.
>> There are some new places in Groningen we feel are worth visiting. First, the new supermarket Vegansuper, the third  vegan supermarket of the Netherlands! It is located at the Nieuwe Ebbinge. Also, the second cat cafe Poeslief has opened in October, it has a nice, urban feel and atmosphere, great cats and also offers vegan options. The cat café is located at the Nieuwe Weg. Lastly, a new pizza place has opened this month, offering fresh organic and vegan options, called LUX, also at the Nieuwe Ebbinge.
>> On the 25th of November the American singer-songwriter and poet Ben Weaver will perform in Usva.

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