Spotlight: Ariska (Singing Solo Together)

“I’ve always loved singing, and I sing all day everyday: when walking down the street, when cycling (resulting in strange looks by passers-by), and even behind the cash register at my old job”, 21-year old philosophy  and linguistics student Ariska tells me when I ask her about her love for singing. Two years ago she decided she wanted to something more with singing, but taking individual singing lessons was a step too far back then. Then she found an Usva course online: Singing Solo Together. “You sing together, but if you want to sing a solo you get the opportunity to do so. It was scary at first, but also so much fun! I learned many basic singing techniques during the course such as focusing on breath support; but I also learned that having fun while singing is very important too. Eventually I even sang a German song during this course.” You can see the song, “Lachen und Weinen” by Schubert, here:

This Usva course was the start of many other things for Ariska. She wanted to learn two-part harmonies, which are often used in musicals. So signing up for the musical choir course at Usva was a logical next step. “I never expected to be able to sing in harmony, but if you put in the work it isn’t that difficult, and the end result is so beautiful.” After the musical choir course she took another step: she auditioned for pop choir Estrellas and got in. “Two years ago I never expected that I would have the guts to do something like this. The courses I took at Usva didn’t just help me to learn how to sing, I also met many great people who all love to sing. We still meet up from time to time to sing at the Usva singing attic, to watch musical films, or to go to a karaoke night.”

A great example of someone who keeps moving forward in doing what they love!


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