Short courses: going all out in just three weeks

During the third course trimester, starting this upcoming Monday, Usva will offer something new: short courses! These courses will last 3 or 5 weeks instead of the usual 10 or 30 weeks. We’ve asked two of the teachers to highlight their plans for these short courses.

“Participating in a short course means you have to go all out in a short period of time, which gives you a lot of energy and for which you get a lot in return if you put in the work”, says drama teacher Jorrit Boonstra. He will offer a short course in theater, focusing on the four elements of fire, water, earth and sky. Jorrit finds it important that his lessons have a theoretical foundation, so that students don’t just learn a “trick” but understand why a certain theory is important and how they can actually use this in practice.

foto JorritJorrit has a lot of experience in directing, including plays for GST and sold-out musicals for Panacea. His love for theater started when his parents sent him to the Jeugd Theaterschool (theater school for youth, ed.) in Groningen to help him get into contact with peers. “I was a very shy kid with braces, glasses and red hair, and I was scared to death. But slowly but surely I started realizing that it was theater which helped me to be less shy. I’m very grateful that my parents forced me to begin with theater lessons.”

Perhaps that is why Jorrit finds the possibility of transformation one of the best aspects of theater: “What I like most about theater is the transformation. If I get students to change to someone different from who they are in their daily life in a different situation than normal, I’m happy.”

Jorrit realizes that this isn’t always easy, which is why he finds it very important that those taking a course feel at ease and confident when acting and don’t worry about what other people think about them. He wants to help students improve their skills by using his own experience and by using techniques developed by well-known directors and actors.

An equally experienced teacher is Cily van Hameren. She has a degree from the Dance Academy in Tilburg and has been giving ballet lessons at Usva for 26 years now. But what some people might not know is that she also has her own practice in creative arts therapy. Additionally, she has a degree from the Art Academy in Groningen. foto Cily

She will use her knowledge of – and experience in – the creative arts for a new course at Usva: expressive arts. During this course, students will  work with different types of materials. These materials include pastels, paint, clay, tissue paper and felt. Each week there will be a new theme and students can use the materials to express what they feel and experience when thinking about this theme.

For this course, experience with the materials isn’t necessary, but students should be eager to work with their hands. Working with materials in this way has many advantages, Cily tells us: “It is relaxing and it enhances your creativity.” Experience isn’t important because the course has a different focus. As Cily says: “The end product is of secondary importance, the main focus is on the process.”

Besides these courses, there will also be short courses for design and photography. During the design course, you will acquire skills to design posters, flyers, magazines and other print material. The photography course will focus on studio lighting and making portraits, and will be given in teacher Rutger Prins’s photography studio.



The short courses will be given on the following days and times:
Acting: Fridays from 19.30 – 21.30, 3 weeks, starting 11 March. Price:  € 28,00 / € 33,00 / € 42,00
Expressive arts: Thursdays  11.00 – 12.30, 5 weeks, starting 14 April. Price: €44 / €51 / €65
Design: Tuesdays 20.45 – 22.45, 3 weeks, starting 8 March. Price:  € 35,00 / € 41,00 / € 52,00
Photography: Wednesdays 19.00 – 21.00, 3 weeks, starting 9 March. Price: € 35,00 / € 41,00 / € 52,00

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