Eurosonic Noorderslag on a Budget

Are you interested in music, but are the prices for tickets for Eurosonic Noorderslag a bit too steep for your student budget? There is plenty to do in the city during the festival that is completely free! Eurosonic Noorderslag has an extensive side programme called ‘Grunnsonic’ that allows you to enjoy the festival, without having to spend a dime. Usva researched which places you should go this weekend to have the best time, and who knows, you  might discover your new favourite artist! Click on the band’s name to listen to their music.


Wednesday 13 January

New Red Fading, Warhol, 20:50 – 21:35

Start your Eurosonic adventure by going to a local indie band in the Warhol. With its dark interior and pictures of pop-art artist Andy Warhol, the Warhol will set the right ambiance for listening to New Red Fading.  According to the Eurosonic website, New Red Fading is an upcoming alternative indie band that has just released an album. They are experimenting with different sounds, techniques, and styles, which will make this performance unique and surprising.

MyDearestDear, Men At Work, 21:45 – 22:30

Ten minutes after New Red Fading’s gig ends, MyDearestDear starts performing at Men At Work, which gives you enough time to walk from the first venue to the second. MyDearestDear is a folk duo consisting of two Groningers who sing dreamy folk songs about traveling, romance, nature and more. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar or ukulele their mellow tunes give your eardrums a little break from loud music and your surroundings.

The Anti-D’s, A.S.G. Cleopatra, 22:30 – 23:15

Immediately after the previous gig ends, The Anti-D’s start rocking in A.S.G. Cleopatra. Luckily, this is only a minute walk from Men At Work, and being a student society they will have plenty of beer ready for you. The Anti-D’s are not strangers to Usva, since they performed on the Night of the Students in September.  According to their own website the band is inspired by the early Manchester era, British post-punk and the 80s. It is no surprise that their sound is reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, ideal to bust out some dance moves!

Tied Laces, Warhol, 23:20 – 00:05

End your night where your started in the Warhol. The last band of the night before the DJs take over is Tied Laces, a band consisting of four local guys. According to their website they are influenced by artists such as John Mayer and Kensington. Use their melodic sounds to end the night relaxed, or to restore some energy to dance to the four DJs that will take the stage in Warhol after 00:30.


Thursday 14 January

If you have got some spare time on Thursday, make sure not to miss the free concerts in the record shop Plato and the Coffee Company next door. From 12:00 to roughly 20:00, nineteen national and international artists give a performance for free! Some highlights are: King Charles (12:50), Alex Flóvent (15:00), HONNE (15:20), The  Young Folk (16:40), Carnival Youth (18:40), and Orange Skyline (19:00)

DE KAT, De Walrus, 20:45 – 21:30

Another night, another band from Groningen. This band is a little different than what we have seen on Wednesday. Their sound is bluesy with long, intricate solos. Even though this might be a little out of your comfort zone, this ‘psychedelic’ blues band is a must see in Groningen!

Hans Hannemann, De Walrus, 22:15 – 23:00

There is no need to switch locations to enjoy some totally different music tonight. Singer-songwriter Hans Hannemann’s music is inspired by true American music with its own twist. With his country-like sound and strong voice, Hans Hannemann brings you heart-felt songs which will surely make you emotional.

Typhoon, Grote Markt, 23:45 – 00:30

Make sure you make your way to the Grote Markt, since it will probably be crowded for the free main acts tonight! The last performance of tonight will be Typhoon, a Dutch hip-hop artist known for his philosophical lyrics and fun, mellow tunes. This will give you a taste of the Dutch hip-hop scene and it will definitely be a party!

Various DJs, Paradigm, 00:30 – 4:00

If you are not tired yet and have enough energy for a bike ride to Paradigm, you can dance all night, or, at least until 4:00, to tunes of various DJs.  Entry is free until 1:00, so make sure you be on time to keep the night truly cheap!


Featured image: All the Luck in the World (Eurosonic 2015).
Photo by Hesterliena Wolthuis.

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