World Press Photo

Every year, the World Press Photo exhibition travels the world. And, lucky for us, Groningen is one of the places it visits. Annually, the exhibition consisting of price winning press photographs is displayed in Der Aa-Kerk in our very own city center. The exhibition opened on the 20th November, and you can enjoy it until December 13.

The main idea behind the World Press Photos is to illustrate the importance of journalism and freedom of the press. In addition to this, the photographs do so many other things. They inspire, shock, move, entertain, inform. They offer us a view into lives that are entirely different from ours. Divided into themes such as daily life, nature, sports, art and culture, the exhibition does not only show the horrors of life, but also the beauty of innocence, and the wonders of nature.

Nevertheless, the most impressive part of the exhibition is often considered to be the ‘inner circle’, which, among other things, displays some of the tragic events that happened in 2014. With photographs of the MH17 crash and victims of Ebola, this is the part that shocks. However, this is also what illustrates the importance of an exhibition as this, as the press is so vital in the way we deal with events such as these.

All in all, the World Press Photo exhibition invites you to think and talk about not only the photographs themselves, but the events that inspired them, and what that means for us and for people on the other side of the world.

An impression of the official WPF Groningen opening

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