Where to go at Let’s Gro

Inspiration and innovation are the key words for the Let’s Gro Festival, which takes place on 19, 20 and 21 November. The incredibly diverse program aims to answer one question: How can we shape Groningen’s future? The festival offers a platform for different organizations and people to pitch their ideas for future initiatives which could help Groningen on a cultural, economic, social or sustainability level.  With so much to do, we’ve outlined some of the best cultural events for you to visit.

Door Nynke Broersma

#1 Pop-up music festival 

What if there was a day on which there are no rules or permits needed for street musicians? A day on which anyone can play anywhere and anything? This is the idea for the Rumbling Earth Festival, a new project which TalentWeb Groningen is trying to realize for 2016. The Pop-up Music Festival during Let’s Gro can be seen as a try-out for this Rumbling Earth Festival, as this weekend bands will “pop-up” on different locations in Groningen. The organization invites you to participate and contribute, on the day of the try-out or at the festival next year. So if you like to listen to music or play music, or if you would like to have a say in the upcoming festival, keep an eye out for the bands you might run into!


Making music by swinging on a swing set, this is WANNAPLAY in short. This installation is created by Jan Boiten and Caecilia Thunnissen and is initiated by the CKB (Centre for Visual Arts) to show how  future playgrounds can be created in an innovative way. Those who have a go at it create a new musical composition through the rhythm in which they swing, and can hear the music they make immediately through speakers attached to the swing set. This musical playground is open on Thursday 10.00-22.00, on Friday 10.00-00.00 and on Saturday 10.00-22.00, and can be found on the Grote Markt.

#3 Festival driven innovation

On Friday 20 November, Bianca Pander and Sjoerd Bootsma from Welcome to the Village and Peter Smidt from Eurosonic will give a presentation about the Innofest project. Innofest tries to stimulate innovation by  giving artists, festival visitors, entrepreneurs and other creative minds the opportunity to develop innovative ideas. These ideas can then be tested and developed during festivals. Let’s say you have an idea on how to prevent food waste. You can present your idea to Innofest’s organization, and they might give you the opportunity to test and further develop your idea during a festival!
The meeting takes place at Huis de Beurs, zaal 2, 16.00-17.30. Besides getting information on Innofest, there will also be time to talk about ideas on innovation you might have, and how Innofest can help you put your ideas into practice.
You have to register for this event beforehand by sending an e-mail to s.tiekstra@drenthe.nl .

#4 Noorderzon/Cinekid Groningen

If you feel you have some great creative ideas, but don’t know who to present them to, then the Spiegeltent at the Vismarkt is definitely the place to be this saturday at 13.00! Cinekekid Groningen and Noorderzon often collaborate to create the best works of art for children (and adults) who visit their events. At Let’s Gro, these organizations challenge you to pitch your idea for an installation, game or workshop for Noorderzon/Cinekid Groningen 2016. This is the perfect opportunity for creative minds to show what they can do, because the person with the best idea receives a subsidy to further develop his/her project, after which the final product will be used at both festivals in 2016.
You have to register for this event beforehand by sending an e-mail to h.vandenhoogen@groningerforum.nl.

SKETCH#5 Sketch

What would your dream city look like? Maybe you went out on a Thursday night or just wandered about the city and felt like there’s a building missing. The performance-installation “Sketch”, initiated by the Zuidelijk Toneel en Stichting Nieuwe Helden, invites you to put your ideas on paper. You can draw the building you feel like is missing in the city (or you can let someone else draw it for you) on an empty canvas which can be found in the city centre, near the Aa-kerk. For three days all citizens of Groningen are invited to express their ideas, and after these three days all sketches are presented.

All events are free, but some require registration beforehand. For more information, check www.letsgro.nl/program. Curious what we thought of Let’s Gro? Keep an eye on this site for a report of the event!

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