Backstage at … Usva’s Quiz Night

Door Nynke Broersma


10 am. Yawn. Starting at ten in the morning is not unusual for Usva’s Executive Board, but breaking down the entire stage before having had our morning coffee is a whole other story. But we need the space, because Usva’s Quiz Night is completely sold out. Fortunately we have technician Johanna to show us the ropes.


Still 10 am, in our downstairs office: Job is the main coordinator for the event, and he starts off the day by going through the presentation plan with Lies and Jelle. Lies is one of our glamorous hosts for the evening, while Jelle is our Mystery Voice.


13.00, military time, because now things really get going. Technicians Bertram and Johanna work on lights and sound, while we communicate what we have in mind. Sounds easy, but there’s many aspects to keep in mind (having a lot of lights on sounds great, but also means that it will probably be too warm in the theatre).


16:00 Contrary to what this photo implies (points if you can spot the following items: a cat who is too scared to look, a plant, a GM-insiders sticker, two jars of peanut butter, an NNT “Sneeuwwitje” photo and, of course, Grover) we are actually well-organized. Job is putting the final touches on the scoring sheets for the judges.


18.00 A few of our board members had a quick run to the supermarket and then made this fabulous dinner.


19:00 Time to finish the set-up of the theatre. Even with the stage gone, it’s going to be cozy tonight. But hosting an event means making things work, so with a little shuffling of the tables, we’re making it work.


19.30 It’s chaos in our upstairs office: we don’t just have to act the part, we also have to look the part. Which means make-up, dresses and suits. Four mirrors just isn’t enough. Downstairs Mr. Mungo, our band for the night, has set up.


19.45 Control booth ready? Check. Mystery Voice ready? Double check. We’re ready for lift off.


21:00 Plenty to do during the event: hosting, picking up answer sheets, running the slide show, sound control,  and making sure everyone has enough food and drinks. Even though we’re not participating in the quiz (pretty sure that would be considered cheating), we still thoroughly enjoy being part of the event.


23:30 Usva’s first Quiz Night might be over, but we still have work to do. The theatre has to be emptied and cleaned, and everything has to be put back in its place. At 01.30, everyone is home again. We will probably be tired tomorrow morning, but it’s worth it to be able to organize such a great event.

Photos by: Hesterliena Wolthuis 

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