One of a Kind Theater

Two Guys

Door Linda Ismaili

“a lot of things should have happened. They should have remembered that there was a performance in the first place. That there was an actual script with actual lines that were actually good. And some people should have remembered that you don’t hire complete idiots who then decide to do a show anyway”

To those of you familiar with Improv Comedy, the name Stranger Things Have Happened should sound familiar by now. Groningen’s very own local Improv Comedy Group has risen in the ranks, starting off as a small local project, the group now performs all over the country, and can proudly call itself the second largest improv comedy group in The Netherlands. Not surprising then, is the fact that we at Usva are also big fans of the “Strangers”.

Which is why we were so lucky that Thomas Mook and Chand Bullock returned to the Usva stage last week, to perform their two-man play: Two Guys.

Two Guys is an improv comedy show about, you guessed it, two guys. The men were supposed to perform a, quite boring and intellectual, play at the theater. However, during opening night, Chad confesses that he hasn’t taken the time to read the script. This is where things get interesting. Instead of performing a scripted play, the guys take suggestions from the audience and build an entire play around them. Which is how a filled Usva theater ended up watching a hilarious play about Kevin the donut guy, his Italian (or not?) mother from the Bronx, homeless guy Tommy, and Satan.

This is the kind of theater you can legitimately call one of a kind, as you will never see The Strangers perform the same thing twice. Thomas and Chad skillfully improvised an entire play based on suggestions provided by the audience, suggestions they had no clue about beforehand, and that are always surprising. Ultimately, the audience doesn’t know what to expect, but neither do the actors, which makes the entire play all the more entertaining.

Unfortunately, a new show isn’t on the schedule (yet? Please!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some improv in the meantime. Stranger Things Have Happened performs every first Thursday of the month in Simplon, and you can even do your own improv if you join the Improv Comedy course at the Usva. The course, taught by Thomas Mook and Kees de Vries, teaches you the skills you need to put up your own improve comedy show.  The courses start on the 8th of December, don’t miss out on the fun!
Sign up for the Improv Course:

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